1970 FORD $25000

1984 CADILLAC $17900

1968 PONTIAC $7400

1963 OLDSMOBILE $4700
11/29/15 - Total Vehicles For Sale - 7285

Christian Car Sales was established when we bought a car from a nonchrisian seller. The seller, misrepresented the car and tricked us into spending more money than it was worth.

In these times of terrorism and greed, we felt that it was time to have a safe haven for Christians to buy and sell their cars. A place protected by the Lord Jesus and our prayers to his holyness.

We operate this site at cost and keep the ads as cheap as possible, just to cover the operation of this website. Our reward are ten fold in blessings from the satisfaction of doing God's work and providing an fair and honest market place for classic automobiles.

By sharing operational costs with 50+ other independent websites we can help you sell your car, fast at an affordable cost. We charge only $19.95 for a full photo ad with up to 5 pictures of your car for sale.

All ads run untill sold. We do not charge you any additional fees. Christian Car Sales will provide large amounts of traffic to your ads. When you sell your car, simply cancel the ad so you do not continue to get inquiries from buyers.

There are hundreds of dealers that monitor our ads for good deals. Don't be surprised if you get inquiries almost immediately. Many advertisers have sold cars the same day they were placed in our classified.

We can not be responsible for the ad content. All ads are controled by the advertisers and may or may not truthfully represent the car for sale. Check out all buyers and sellers before you invest thousands of dollars in a big mistake. Always buy from other Christians.

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